The Shadow Elite Butt stock Rifle Cartridge Holder  is a simple design that stretches to fit most shotguns. The bottom seam is stitched and wrapped to prevent unraveling when cut to allow access to the sling swivel stud. High-strength elastic loops keep 9 rounds secure and within easy reach. Installation note: Ensure your gun is unloaded, then slide the carrier on from the muzzle end. It will not stretch enough to slide over the toe of the butt stock.


  • Nine round loops
  • Sleeve slips over most shotgun stocks for quick access to ammunition
  • Does not block the sling swivel stud
  • Ambidextrous Material: Elastic fabric Capacity: 9 Rounds
  • Attachment Method: Butt stock, elastic

SHE-1034 "Butt Stock Rifle Cartridge Holder (OPEN)